Buying a Balfour Beatty Home


Getting things moving

Its really important that you really get things moving straight after reservation so we don’t miss our exchange deadline.

Your solicitor will need to confirm with all parties the exchange of contracts and legal completion dates which you will have agreed with us at the time of reservation.


Initial steps

Once you have reserved your new home its time to contact your solicitor immediately to ask them act on your behalf. In return, they will need:

  • Your returned signed acceptance of their quote for services.
  • Proof of who you are (ID such as passport or driving licence etc).
  • Money paid on account for searches


The finances

If you are purchasing your new home with a mortgage, you need to contact your bank or your financial advisor to make an appointment to start the mortgage application. This can take some time so this should also happen straight after you have completed your reservation.

Make sure that you have paid your survey fee and that you find out when the survey will be completed on your new home.


Help to Buy

If you are purchasing with assistance from Help to Buy you will need to get your FA to complete and submit your Help to Buy Property Information Form. Once this has been approved you will then receive your Authority to Proceed from Help to Buy.

The Help to Buy process can also take some time so you will need to make sure that you provide all the correct information for the completion of your application.


Helping things along

If you are selling your existing home, you will need to review regularly how this is progressing.

Check with your solicitor if they have everything they need from you in relation to the sale of your current home.

Ask your solicitor to provide you with regular updates on the progression of your chain towards exchange of contracts.


Moving in

You will need to book your removals in plenty of time for completion day. Completion money can often take some time to work its way through the banking system so make sure that your solicitor is ready to send this as early as possible for you as unfortunately we cannot let you have your keys until this has been received.

Meet the Balfour Beatty Homes team

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Customer Care at The Meadows
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Customer Satisfaction 

We understand that you are buying more than a home - you are investing in quality, security and peace of mind for the future, which is why we use our extensive expertise to deliver high quality, modern homes.

Our experienced team will look after even the smallest of details to ensure you can relax and enjoy the experience, not only through the journey of purchasing your new home but also once you have moved in.

Our quality homes are supported by the highest standard of service and we pride ourselves in adhering to the consumer code for home builders.

Kind regards, 

Liz Voss